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Woman arrested for child neglect, assaulting officers

A desperate situation resulted in an arrest in Tulsa on Tuesday. 

Officers arrived at a home near West 43rd and South 35th West Avenue for a suicide call.  It didn’t take them long to learn 24-year-old Khristian Huse was in a bad way thanks to texts she sent her son’s dad. 

“He showed me texts from Huse where she had cut her wrists in the presence of their 8-month-old child,” police said.  “As we were telling the boyfriend his options, Huse suddenly came into the room and tried to grab the baby by pulling him by the arms.” 

The incident didn’t stop there.  After being separated from the child, Huse reportedly assaulted two officers by kicking them. 

After being treated at an area hospital, Huse was booked on multiple counts including child neglect and assault and battery on a police officer. 

21-year-old arrested for prostitution in Tulsa

A 21-year-old woman was taken to jail on Tuesday thanks to an undercover sting. 

KRMG’s told a Tulsa undercover officer contacted Deja Cummings through an online ad.  A date was then made at a place on North Aspen Avenue in Broken Arrow.

“She directed officer (redacted) to the above address and told him to place the agreed on $100 ‘donation’ on the TV stand,” police said.  “She then instructed officer (redacted) to remove his clothes and lay on the bed while she produced a condom.”

Police say the officer was about to identify himself when Cummings received a phone call.  During this time, she may have been warned about what was going on because the call made her “visibly concerned.” 

Regardless, once the call ended, Cummings was taken into custody.  She faces counts of engaging in prostitution and possession of marijuana. 

Cummings has been booked into the Tulsa County Jail. 

Man living in Oklahoma busted for connection with al-Qaida

A man living in Weatherford, Okla. for years was recently arrested for trying to join al-Qaida back in 2000.

New York Times reports the FBI just recently became aware of Naif Abdulaziz Alfallaj filling out an application to join one of the terrorist group’s most notorious training camps back when he was about 17. Investigators were able to match his fingerprints with documents captured in Afghanistan.

The application was for the Farooq camp, which is where four of the Sept. 11 hijackers trained.

Alfallaj was arrested on a count of visa fraud.

SCAM ALERT: Fake ALDI coupon circulating on Facebook... Again

If you’re a regular at ALDI, you may already know the company doesn’t offer digital coupons.

That doesn’t stop scammers from trying to get the best of you by creating fake ALDI coupons and circulating them online.

It happened in March 2017 and is happening again as we begin 2018.

ALDI posted a warning on Facebook.

“Hey ALDI fans! Looks like another fake ALDI coupon is making its way around the internet. We’re sorry for any confusion, but we don’t offer electronic coupons and they won’t be accepted at our stores. We’re currently working on fixing the situation, but we’d love your help. Feel free to share this post to help us spread the word.” ALDI wrote.

More here from KRMG Consumer Expert Clark Howard

Watch the Georgia Senate 'Call the Dawgs' before championship game

The state of Georgia and city of Atlanta are ready for their moment in college football’s limelight.

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On Monday morning, members of the Georgia state Senate “called the Dawgs” during the session ahead of tonight’s College Football Playoff Championship in Atlanta.

Watch the video below:

Georgia and Alabama kick off at 8 p.m. ET at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

AAA offers Tipsy Tow ride service for New Year’s Eve

This holiday season, AAA reminds motorists to travel safely and drive drug- and alcohol-free when hitting the roads. For those who do plan to drink, AAA urges them to take safety precautions in advance: designate a non-drinking driver, call a cab or stay with a friend.

If you need a safe ride home, call 1-800-AAA-HELP.

Program runs from now until 4 a.m. January 2.

Recycling Christmas refuse and trees in the Tulsa metro

For the sixth year, Tulsa-based American Waste Control is holding its annual “unboxing Christmas” campaign to encourage recycling, and this year the proceeds will benefit a local charity.

Paul Ross with AWC tells KRMG a portion of all the recycling proceeds will go to “Loaves and Fishes,” a longstanding non-profit in east Tulsa.

While many cities in the metro offer curbside recycling, not all households take advantage of the service.

But AWC has a program called “Mr. Murph,” with dozens of recycling bins spread throughout the area.

For an interactive map of Mr. Murph recycling locations, click here.

The main location is at 1150 N. Peoria, and for those wishing to rid themselves of Christmas trees (without having to chop them into four-foot sections), there’s a dumpster there where they can be dropped off for free.

Tulsa residents can cut their trees into four-foot sections and leave them by the curbside.

In either case, all tinsel and other decorations should be removed from the tree.

As for recycling all those boxes and bags, there are some exceptions which should not go into the bins:

  • Shiny or metallic wrapping paper (including foil and paper embedded with glitter)
  • Tinsel
  • Lights or cords
  • Ribbons and bows, gift bags (they recommend these be reused)
  • Bubble wrap

Dog groomer accused of abuse caught on video shaking small dog, other incidents revealed

A Florida dog groomer is in hot water after a video surfaced that appears to show the owner violently shaking a dog.

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The video was posted on Nov. 10 by Facebook user Briana Brady who says that she used to work at the Happy Puppy Pet Spa near Sarasota, Florida. According to Brady, the woman in the video owns the spa and Brady said that the behavior captured in the clip is common. The clip has been shared over 1,800 times and racked up more than 384,000 views since it was posted.

Brady identified the woman as Phyllis Lucca and writes “this is what this horrible woman does every day to every dog. She even broke a dog’s jaw two weeks ago. She picked the dog up by the neck and shook it and slammed it on the table.”

Customers have complained about Lucca’s care for their dogs — former client Cynthia Crowe told the groomer, “I gave you a dog in good health and you give me a dog that has broken bones now.” She said that when she picked her toy poodle up from the Happy Puppy Pet Spa, the animal had blood on his mouth and bruises on his stomach. Crowe rushed her pet to veterinarian Gary Berkowitz, who told WFTX “The dog was doing fine, eating and drinking fine like normal, as soon as she gets home from the groomer, the dog shows all these signs and has a fractured jaw.”

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Warning: The videos in this story contain footage some may find disturbing.

Crowe filed a police report against Lucca for animal cruelty, and the investigating detective wrote that the groomer admitted to the dog’s injuries. But when WFTX caught up with Lucca, she blamed her former employee Briana Brady, saying that she was the only one ever in the room alone with Crowe’s pet and, added, “If you see that video, I know it looks bad, but that’s not what I’m doing.”

“What the dog did was pass out and she faints, and what I did was hold her head and shake her. That’s all,” Lucca said.

Brady said she’s witnessed a disturbing pattern of abuse from Lucca, telling WFLA, “I’ve seen her choke out and slam a dog in the bathtub.”

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 Dog mauled, killed by pit bull at PetSmart during grooming appointment

“I’ve been crying nonstop. It just breaks my heart to see someone mistreat an animal like that,” she said.

Brady has hired an attorney and plans to file a civil suit against the groomer, but that suit has not yet been filed.

Since the video came out, the Google rating for Lucca’s spa has dropped to a dismal 1.8 stars. But even before Brady’s Facebook post, customers wrote reviews indicating abuse, one woman claimed that when she picked up her dog, she “noticed at least 3 very red areas where the clippers must have gotten too close.” Six years ago, one customer wrote that she was “horrified to walk in there and see a dog sitting in a pool of blood and whimpering from having its nails cut incorrectly.”

Top Florida state senator resigns in wake of affair

A Florida state senator, in line to become the Democratic leader in the Florida Senate next year, abruptly resigned Friday.

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State Sen. Jeff Clemens of Atlantis, made the announcement after Politico reported he had an extramarital affair with a lobbyist.

“I have made mistakes I (am) ashamed of, and for the past six months I have been focused on becoming a better person. But it is clear to me that task is impossible to finish while in elected office. The process won’t allow it, and the people of Florida deserve better. All women deserve respect, and by my actions, I feel I have failed that standard. I have to do better,” Clemens said in a statement.

He emailed a shorter statement to Senate President Joe Negron, R-Stuart, saying “Please consider this email as my resignation from the Florida Senate.”

Clemens said his resignation was effective immediately. Under state law, Gov. Rick Scott must set the date for a special election to fill Clemens’ seat.

“It is clear to me Senator Clemens made a decision he feels is best for both his family and his constituents,” Negron said.

In his public statement, Clemens said, “Though they have been aware for some time now, I apologize again to my wife, my family and anyone and everyone that I have treated poorly in the past for putting you through this in such a public way. I will continue the therapy I began months ago, will seek to personally apologize to anyone I have wronged while seeking forgiveness, and will spend my time being a better husband and father.”

The resignation came less than 24 hours after Clemens sent an email apologizing to Senate Democrats on Thursday night as Politico was preparing to report that Clemens had an affair with lobbyist Devon West. West worked for the Martin County government and now works for Broward County’s lobbying office. Efforts to reach her on Friday were unsuccessful.

“I take full responsibility for my behavior, and I apologize for bringing any embarrassment to the Caucus,” Clemens said in the Thursday night email to his colleagues. “I have spent much of the past six months going to therapy, strengthening my relationship with my wife and my kids, and trying to be a better human being. I still have quite a ways to go. But I am unwavering in my resolve to get there.”

200 items
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