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Toddler, choked by his father, has story with happy ending, new family

A horrific story from Ohio has a happy ending.

The saga started about a year and a half ago, when police arrested Trevor Casey after they say he choked his young son during a domestic dispute, WTOL reported.

Police said that Casey was mad at the children’s mother so he picked up the youngest boy and choked him, then ran down the street with the boy in his arms, WTOL reported.

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The child, Kingston, and his brother, Kevin, were put into foster care in March 2016 after their father was arrested.

Kevin had told his mother that Kingston was turning blue. That warning to his biological mother eventually lead to the arrest of their father.

The Martin family was granted foster status for the boys. Then the Martins found out that the boys’ biological mother had given birth to a little girl and she had given up her parental rights. So they took care of Ka’Liah too, WTOL reported.

Now Heather and Brian Martin are no longer fostering the three children and have become their legal parents.

The Martin family has had a lot of changes this year. Brian and Heather are newlyweds, after getting married in February. They are also now officially new parents.

“Today God has put another miracle - 3 miracles - on me and I’m just beyond blessed and really it’s emotional because we’re a family. We’re officially a family,” Brian told WTOL.

Inmates soon will have access to new tablets at Oklahoma jail

Inmates at an Oklahoma jail will soon be able to use new tablets.

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Officials say the tablets will allow Muskogee County inmates to access a law library, play games, order commissary and take educational courses, like GED classes.

Around 50 tablets will be spread throughout the jail, and each jail pod will have a handful of tablets that inmates can use.

>> Inmates get tablets at Colorado prisons

Inmates will put in individual codes to access the tablets, and they will then be able to use them for 15-minute increments. They will have the option to pay for additional time on them.

Officials say the tablets will not be connected to the internet, so inmates won’t be able to use them to communicate outside the jail.

Sheriff Rob Fraiser says the tablets come at no cost to the county, and the company providing them will make money by taking a percentage of what the inmates spend while using them.

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Fraiser says the tablets will be a great way to reward or punish inmates for good or bad behavior, and he believes they could help boost morale in the jail.

The tablets will be installed in a couple of weeks.

Teen finds his family, asks teacher to adopt him

A teen in Texas now has a family to call his own, and he found it in the most unexpected of places.

Anthony Berry, 16, said he never wanted to be adopted. But he changed his mind when his teacher walked into his life, KBMT reported

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Bennie Berry is a teacher at Pathways Learning Center. Anthony was in her class. Eventually he told her his secret: that he wanted her to be his mother.

She thought that Anthony was joking, but then he explained his background. 

“And then we struck a deal: Finish an assignment and then you can show me the website,” Berry told KBMT.

And he did.

Friday, Anthony’s dream came true, as he became the oldest child of the 18 kids who were adopted in Jefferson County, Texas.

Anthony told KBMT, “If you have ever thought about adoption or didn’t want to be adopted, actually try it because you never know. Take into consideration that someone that doesn’t love you, there is always someone that will love you.”

Formerly conjoined twins head home to North Carolina after separation surgery

Two little girls will be able to spend the holidays at their home in Mooresville, North Carolina, after being inside a hospital room for more than a year.

>> Watch the video here

>> On PHOTOS: Delaney twins leave hospital, head home to Mooresville

Erin and Abby Delaney were attached at the tops of their heads when they were born in July 2016.

They underwent an 11-hour surgery in June at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when they were 10 months old.

>> Conjoined twins thriving after surgery to separate them

The girls were released from the hospital Monday after spending 485 days at the hospital in Philadelphia.

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Erin and Abby will require additional surgeries as they mature, but the team at CHOP said they’re optimistic about their progress so far and about their long-term potential.

>> 10-month-old conjoined twins in North Carolina successfully separated

"The girls are inspiring," said mother Heather Delaney. "As their parents, it is very neat for Riley and me to have a front-row seat to this, and watch them overcome these incredible obstacles. We cannot wait to see what their future holds."

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The Delaney family said the girls are doing well, and they’re excited to spend the holidays with them at home.

Passenger high on 'loveboat' shoots, kills driver on interstate, police say

Jacksonville, Florida, officers say a man was high on "loveboat" when he shot and killed a driver on I-95.

>> Watch the news report here

Police said 32-year-old Tyrell Brown was sleeping in the passenger seat of 25-year-old Steven Shawn Grady's car as they drove through Jacksonville on Sunday.

The group was traveling from Orlando to North Carolina.

At one point, Brown woke up and shot Grady in the face, a witness told police.

The witness, who was in the backseat of the car, tried to gain control of the wheel. The car ran off the interstate and crashed near the Union Street exit around 3:15 a.m.

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Officials said Brown violently resisted officers when they got to the scene.

There was no indication of a prior altercation between Brown and Grady, officers said.

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson said Brown smoked a cigarette dipped in formaldehyde and marijuana before the shooting.

He was taken to UF Health Jacksonville for his safety, officers said.

Brown is facing a murder charge. His next court date is Dec. 12.

Son likely killed parents, then himself in double murder-suicide, police say

A dentist in Washington state didn't show up for an appointment Saturday, so just after 7 p.m., a family member called the King County sheriff.

>> Watch the news report here

What they found has devastated a family and touched people in Sammamish and Seattle, where he and his wife worked.

Dr. Rick Nicolini, his wife and adult son were all found dead inside their home in Sammamish's tony Broadmoore neighborhood.

It is a development where neighbors say they know each other by name.

But few people knew the Nicolinis well.

"They kind of kept to themselves," said neighbor Rick Willard. "I saw the kid when he was going to school."

And Willard said he saw nothing that foreshadowed this. 

"And you never heard, you never saw anything between, among them, that would make you say ..." he was asked. 

He interrupted the question and said, "Never heard them yelling or screaming. Nothing, yeah. Just heard them doing yard work."

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He said the entire neighborhood was surprised to see King County sheriff's deputies surrounding their home Saturday night. 

On Monday, investigators said all indications are that Richie Nicolini killed his parents, then took his own life. 

Nicolini and his wife, Mary Ellen, worked at his dental office on Olive Way near downtown Seattle.

KIRO-TV went to Sound Dentistry. 

"Hi there," said reporter Deborah Horne. "We're from KIRO 7."

But the receptionist said everyone was grieving too much to talk. No patients were waiting; the Nicolinis didn't work Mondays. 

Back at their home in Sammamish, a second car was parked in the driveway. The people in it said they had nothing to say. All of this is a sorrowful coda to three lives.

"Yeah, it's sad," said Willard. 

"Sad and, as you said, a surprise?" he was asked. 

"Yeah," he replied. "I don't know what would drive somebody to do that."

That is what detectives are trying to determine, too: why Richie Nicolini shot his parents and himself in the head.

The case remains an active investigation.

Facebook Live video shows men with guns making threats in Tennessee mall

Police are investigating a Facebook Live video that shows at least two men with guns inside a mall in Memphis, Tennessee.

>> Watch the news report here

>> On PHOTOS: Video shows men with guns in Oak Court Mall

The 39-minute video was broadcast live Saturday at the Oak Court Mall in East Memphis.

The video shows a man and several friends walking inside the mall. Several minutes into the video, he pulls out a gun. A few moments later, a second man pulls out another gun.

>> Watch the video here (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.)

The video has been viewed more than 7,000 times.

One of the suspects has been identified as 19-year-old Artavius Lynshun Lipsey, police said. He is wanted for questioning.

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He has two active felony warrants for domestic violence and failure to appear in a felony case.

WHBQ reached out to the Oak Court Mall. The mall said it will not be releasing a statement.

WATCH: LaVar Ball fires back at Trump in heated CNN interview

In a heated 20-minute interview, LaVar Ball told CNN host Chris Cuomo that he wouldn’t thank President Donald Trump for helping to bring back his son from China, ultimately coercing Cuomo into thanking him for appearing on CNN instead.

>> Watch the interview here

Minutes before thanking Chinese President Xi for his role in freeing his son, Ball said he “doesn’t go around saying thank you,” contesting Trump’s role in freeing his son, LiAngelo, and other UCLA basketball players arrested for shoplifting in China, where UCLA was playing an exhibition game against Georgia Tech.

Trump has called Ball “very ungrateful” for refusing to thank him for his role in freeing LiAngelo and the others, and even said he should have “left them in jail.”

In one of the less contentious exchanges, Ball downplayed the seriousness of his son’s shoplifting charge, even though it could have earned prison time for his son in China.

>> Trump again lashes out at UCLA basketball dad LaVar Ball: 'Very ungrateful!'

“It wasn’t a big deal because being raised in South Central LA, I’ve seen harsher things — I’ve seen 16 and 17-year-old kids have to go to jail for life that were my friends, doing bad things, making bad decisions, I mean doing stuff that’s harming people,” Ball said. “The way I looked at it was, OK, he shoplifted, he wasn’t physical, we returned it, he fessed up to it. ... It was an impulse thing, a bad decision at a bad time. That’s all it was, for an 18-year-old who’s never done anything wrong, never been late to class, a 4.0 student.”

>> Trump fires back after LaVar Ball minimizes role in getting UCLA players released

He added that the crime was “victimless” and “not going without punishment.”

As the interview went on, and the more Cuomo pressed Ball to thank Trump on air, the more Ball resisted, leading to some combative exchanges between the two.

>> LiAngelo Ball, UCLA teammates arrested in China could get 10 years in prison if convicted

“Were you there?” Ball asked about China.

“I was not there,” Cuomo said.

“I can’t hear you. OK then. Unless you were there, then you can talk to me,” Ball shot back. “I was there! I was there in China. I know you weren’t there, though.”

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Ball ultimately said, "There’s a lot of other matters to go around for the president to deal with,” asking Trump to “let me deal with my son.”

“Let’s stay in our lane,” Ball concluded.

Police officer appears to sleep in patrol car in viral photo

A photo circulating on social media appears to show a Memphis Police Department officer sleeping inside his patrol car.

>> Watch the news report here

The photo was posted on Saturday, and several viewers sent it to WHBQ.

>> See the photo here

Memphis police acknowledged the photo and issued the following statement:

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"The officer in question has been identified, and an administrative investigation is underway. This behavior will not be tolerated, and I can assure you that corrective actions will be taken," said Director Michael Rallings. "This type of behavior does not represent the hardworking men and women of the Memphis Police Department."

Woman jumps on hood as carjackers take car with baby brother inside

A 24-year-old woman was thrown from a car on Sunday after trying to save her baby brother from carjackers in DeKalb County, Georgia, police said.

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Two men, one of whom had a gun, forced the woman from her car and took off with the eight-month-old baby still in the back seat, according to WSB-TV.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she was strapping her brother into his car seat when two men approached them at an apartment complex. 

"This is very terrifying to watch a gun getting pointed in your face and watching your baby brother getting taken away and you can't do nothing," she said.

The woman risked her life to try and stop the suspects.

"She jumped on the vehicle and was holding on to vehicle,” DeKalb County police spokeswoman Officer Shiera Campbell said. 

When she couldn’t hold on any longer, the woman fell to the ground.

"All I could think about was my brother,” she said. “My brother is in that car. I don't care what they do with the car, just give me my brother."

An assistant store manager later found the child on the sidewalk of a Quik Trip convenience store off Wesley Chapel Road just before 10 p.m. 

The men ditched the baby a half-mile away at the convenience store, assistant store manager Alex Robles said. 

"He drops off the baby on the sidewalk, runs back into his car and just speeds off,” Robles said. “He hits a right on Rainbow and we don't see him again.”

Police are still searching for the stolen car and the armed suspects. 

Robles watched the store's surveillance video; he said they found the baby just before 10 p.m. Sunday.

"No parents, no nobody. I was in shock," Robles said. 

Minutes later, the baby was reunited with his family.

The woman said she or anybody in the area, including her baby brother, could have been shot. 

Police have not released a description of the stolen car, but said one of the men was wearing a red hoodie. 

The store clerk said the other man was wearing a white athletic jacket, but other than that, there was nothing identifiable about the suspects.

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