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Server at North Carolina restaurant accused of stealing $10,000 in tips

A server at a North Carolina restaurant is accused of stealing $10,000 in tips, WTVD reported.

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Erika Denton, 26, was arrested and charged with falsely obtaining property by false pretense. She posted a $2,500 bond and appeared in court Friday.

Police said Denton had altered food receipts at Tasu Asian Bistro in Cary, inflating the tip amount while not altering the final bill total. In some cases, the tip total had been tripled, WTVD reported.

"It is very disappointing," restaurant manager Katrina Oliver told the television station. "It's really hard to find people that you can trust that they can be loyal to you."

Denton was fired in February, WTVD reported.

Tasu management is now reviewing its receipts nightly to make sure they add up, and will begin doing background checks on potential employees.

"We want to make sure that when we hire people, that they will stay with us longer and they can provide excellent customer services to our guests," Oliver told WTVD.

California student wears KKK costume for school project

A California high school student who wrote about a former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for a history project sparked outrage when he came to school dressed in the conical hood, white fabric mask and flowing robes of the group, KABC reported.

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Photos of social media captured a high school freshman dressed in KKK garb at Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy in Wilmington, California. Students at the school said the photos were taken June 8.

The school has a 96 percent minority enrollment, CNN reported.

The student’s history project was about Hiram Wesley Evans, a dentist who was the Klan’s leader from 1922 to 1939. While other students also dressed in costumes to depict historical figures, students at the school were taken aback by the KKK outfit, which they said was approved by the teacher.

"He wore it like throughout the school, like in nutrition, lunch, things like that. I don't think that's appropriate," Lance Dantignac told KABC.

"It made me feel like unsafe and threatened," Eliza Dumag told the television station.

Students said the history teacher approved all choices for history projects and costumes that are worn, but added that the approval of a KKK member was troubling.

"It kind of rattled me. It was hard to believe that she would allow a klansman to walk around from her approval,” Trinity Young told KABC. “So, we asked her, and she said that, she compared the Klan to the Black Panther Party, which in my opinion are two different things. So yeah, it was troubling."

In a statement, officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District apologized and did not approve of the costume.

"L.A. Unified and Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy understand the extreme sensitivity around this issue and do not condone or support this type of re-enactment," said district officials, who added that they have begun an investigation.

Daughter describes finding human remains inside Ohio home ‘like a Netflix documentary’

Two daughters said they remain in shock over what they discovered in the Kettering, Ohio, home of their estranged father.

What set out to be a journey to reconnect with family ended up with the discovery of skeletal remains in their father’s Kettering residence.

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Danielle Barry, 24, said she is the daughter of the property’s owner, Denny Barry, 82.

She called the situation worthy of a “Netflix documentary,” as she revealed to the Dayton Daily News how the journey to visit her father as a way to say goodbye and mend fences turned out to be a “horror-filled nightmare.”

Human remains were found on May 31 in the house and had been there for years, even as someone occupied the home, police said Wednesday.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office is still trying to determine the identification of the deceased, but the remains had been there for “years,” Coroner Kent Harshbarger said. He said there did not appear to be any skeletal trauma to the remains.

His office said in a statement on Thursday that there still had not been a positive identification made.

Danielle Barry said she does not know her father well, noting she moved to Iowa with her mother at age 8 “and pretty much I have never really talked to him again.”

Recently, “Some of his friends had called and said he was not doing well, so me and my husband drove to Kettering from New York to check on him,” she said.

Danielle Barry said she only learned three years ago that her father had another daughter, Lori Barry.

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Lori Barry, who lives in Virginia, decided to bring her two daughters on May 31 for a family reunion of sorts in Kettering.

Danielle Barry said they found their estranged father bedridden with a tumor growing out of his chest and urine in bottles around his bed.

“There was mold everywhere, and it smelled disgusting,” she said. “There was no food in the house, and the water had been shut off for weeks. He was laying in filth.”

Danielle Barry said her family went to dinner, then came back to check on Barry, and that is when they discovered the remains.

Barry said that her husband Stefan Renton found the skeletal remains piled in a blanket in the rear bedroom of the house.

“Obviously, the person had been deceased for some period of time,” Kettering police Capt. Daniel Gangwer said Wednesday.

Kim Ritzert, whom Danielle Barry described as her godmother and “the ringleader of Denny and his friends,” explained that he was friendly with many people and would not harm anybody.

“I have known Denny since 1983,” she said. “He wouldn’t hurt anybody and hasn’t been in trouble for anything.”

Ritzert said that it is still a mystery to many how a body would be in the house for so long.

“Denny didn’t want people coming in the house,” she said, noting that many neighbors had said he had not been seen for weeks.

Danielle Barry said her father is in a Beavercreek nursing home, rehabbing, and the house has been condemned.

“This has been so crazy, like a Netflix documentary,” she said. “I have more questions than answers.”

SEE: Eye-popping rainbow-colored lobster escapes death, now on display at aquarium 

A Canadian fisherman made a startling discovery when he hauled in his lobster catch from the waters off the Maine-Canadian border.

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Robinson Russell, 38, caught an unusual rainbow-hued lobster with a light blue and pink shell off Grand Manan in November, but the photo he posted to Instagram just went viral when another user reposted it this week, according to the Portland Press-Herald.

Robinson caught the eye-popping crustacean off Grand Manan and named it Lucky. Turns out it really is a lucky lobster because the fisherman donated the 2-pounder to the Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick. 

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“I really didn’t know what to do with it at first, so I decided to give it to the aquarium,” Russell told the Press-Herald.

Lucky the lobster is now on display at the aquarium in New Brunswick.

Jail kitchen receives better health inspection score than popular restaurant

A popular national chain restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, received lower health scores than the county jail, in an inspection report from local health officials.

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The Cheesecake factory at SouthPark received a score of 83 in the latest inspection from the Mecklenburg County Health Department while the Mecklenburg County Jail scored a 96.

Some residents expressed concern about conditions at the popular restaurant.

Patron Angie Zimmern said she expects a restaurant like the The Cheesecake Factory to be safe for families, including her own.

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“Certainly, (in) this day and age, we would expect higher standards from the people who are preparing our food. That is a little surprising to hear,” Zimmern said about the score of 86.

An inspector “observed employees slicing tomatoes, touching parmesan, sprinkling garnish on plates and handling fries with bare hands,” according to the health inspection report.

The report also noted that 15 containers of sauce had to be thrown out because of issues with temperatures, and that dates weren't marked on food like chicken strips, wings and sliced pork.

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“I think that's pretty low for a popular place that's well-known for their name too,” resident Pang Yang said.

Tennessee psychiatrist whipped patients, called them 'mules,' state says

A Germantown, Tennessee, psychiatrist was forced to close her practice for at least two months and could lose her license permanently after reports showed she spanked patients with whips and compared some to mules. 

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According to documents from the Tennessee disciplinary medical board, Dr. Valerie Augustus – a psychiatrist who has led the Christian Psychiatrist Services for the past 17 years – allegedly used a riding crop to spank at least 10 patients in 2015. 

The medical discipline documents were made public Friday. 

Following the investigation, the state concluded that Augustus had used the riding crop and other objects to make “contact with other patients” on their buttocks. 

Documents also stated Augustus displayed the whip in her office and compared her patients to mules. 

One of her patients, according to the documents, was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

That patient also had a history of physical abuse, documents stated. 

After a hearing, Augustus license was suspended for at least 60 days starting in June. The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners cited a lack of evidence for using such devices as treatment for patients. 

On June 2, her practice listed her as out on personal leave for an unspecified amount of time. 

Augustus was also fined $10,000 for whipping her patients and faces a three-year probation period if her license is restored. 

UCF frat suspended: Lawsuit says members posted explicit videos of women on secret Facebook page

A fraternity at the University of Central Florida is facing a lawsuit after a woman claimed her ex-boyfriend shared sexually explicit images of her with fellow fraternity members on a private Facebook page.

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The Arizona woman filed the lawsuit with the office of attorney Michael Avenatti, who also represents adult film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump.

According to the lawsuit, the woman claimed her ex-boyfriend, a member of UCF’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, shared explicit photos and videos without her permission via text, email and a private Facebook page called the “Dog Pound,” in which members publicized “sexual conquests.”

The lawsuit was filed against the man and four other fraternity members.

Avenatti said other women were unwitting victims on the private Facebook page, too.

“It takes a lot of bravery and courage for a woman to come forward under these circumstances, especially a young woman, but she’s intent on doing so to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other women,” Avenatti said in a statement.

The lawsuit said the woman only found out about the images when she saw a frat member’s text  ... that referenced the Facebook page.

“We’re hopeful that [UCF] is going to get to the bottom of this very, very quickly and be very aggressive,” Avenatti said.

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The university also issued a statement on the lawsuit.

“These allegations are contrary to our core values,” officials said.

“Although UCF is not a party to the suit, we are gathering information.”

University officials said they want to hear from anyone who believes they may be a victim. 

Report: Woman shoots husband in testicles after he tries to take her air conditioner

A woman in Columbia County, Florida is back in jail after she failed to show up in court for an aggravated battery charge.

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In October of last year, Kimberly Dunn, 35, shot her ex-husband in the testicles after he tried to take an AC unit, according to an arrest report. 

Dunn's estranged husband said he came to her home -- with his brother -- to pick up the unit. He had discovered that she was attempting to sell it on Facebook, the report said. 

The couple was going through a divorce, the arrest report said. 

When the man and his brother attempted to unhook the unit, Dunn sat on it to prevent the two men from taking it, the report said.

When the ex-husband approached, he tried to remove her from the AC unit, but Dunn produced a pink stun gun and attempted to electrocute him, according to the arrest report. Dunn was struck in the head and dropped both the pink stun gun and a handgun, the report said. 

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Dunn reportedly got up off the ground and shot him in the testicles with the handgun. The man's brother pushed Dunn to the ground and attempted to help his brother and drove him to the hospital.

The report said the ex-husband's brother screamed, "You shot my brother" and began choking her until she blacked out. 

Dunn's ex-husband picked up the gun after the shooting and brought it with him to the hospital, the report stated.

Dunn was arrested the same day and was taken to the Columbia County jail without incident. She told deputies she didn't mean to shoot her ex-husband and was only trying to scare him, the report said. 

On Thursday, June 14, Dunn was arrested for failing to show up in court for the shooting incident. She faces an additional charge of contempt of court.

Police: Man shoots 3 attempted robbers outside Georgia shopping center

Three men accused of trying to rob a couple Friday afternoon as they walked to their car outside a DeKalb County Kroger east of Atlanta were shot in the shopping center’s parking lot, police said. 

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The couple were inside the store at the Wesley Chapel Square shopping center when they were followed by the three men, DeKalb police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said. 

Police said the male victim exchanged gunfire with the alleged robbers, injuring them. Those three men are in the hospital, police said.

The couple were unharmed.

Authorities roped off the parking lot and store’s front entrance with crime scene tape, according to WSB-TV. Traffic in the area was also being diverted away from the shopping center. 

The shooting comes just days after a man was fatally shot at a nearby gas station. 

Millennials moving to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, study says

A report from financial technology company SmartAsset lists Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Washington among the top 10 states where millennials are moving.

To find which cities had the highest net gain of millennials, SmartAsset ranked cities and states by the highest difference between the number of people ages 20 to 34 moving in and out.

On Tuesday, the company released its top 10 list of states and top 25 list of cities

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Washington was the No. 1 state on the list, as it gained nearly 40,000 more millennials than it lost. The No. 1 city is also in Washington -- Seattle -- which gained a net number of 7,300 millennials.

Georgia made the top 10 at No. 5 with a net migration of more than 17,000 millennials. No Georgia cities made the top 25 list based on net migration numbers.

North Carolina was the No. 7 state on the list with a net gain of nearly 10,000 millennials. Two North Carolina cities made the top 25 list. Charlotte came in at No. 11 with a net gain of nearly 5,000 millennials, and Durham came in at No. 21 with a net gain of a little over 3,5000 millennials.

Florida came in at No. 9 with a net gain of just over 7,100 millennials. Jacksonville was the only Florida city on the list with a net gain of a little more than 6,300 millennials.

Ohio did not make the SmartAsset's list of top 10 states, but did have two cities on the top 25 -- Cincinnati at No. 13 with a net gain of 4,420 millennials, and Columbus at No. 24 with a net gain of 3,335 millennials.

According to the report, SmartAsset gathered its findings from 2016 Census Bureau migration data for 217 cities, all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Top 10 states and net migration:

1. Washington - 39,5902. Texas - 33,6503. Colorado - 26,5474. Virginia - 18,3385. Georgia - 17,6216. Oregon - 11,9897. North Carolina - 9,6478. Nevada -8,8209. Florida - 7,19510. Arizona - 7,077

Top 10 cities and net migration:

1. Seattle - 7,3022. Columbia, South Carolina - 6,9373. Sacramento, California - 6,6804. Minneapolis - 6,5295. Jacksonville, Florida - 6,3546. Newport News, Virginia - 5,6677. San Jose, California - 5,4968. Denver - 5,1069. Norfolk, Virginia - 4,99710. Virginia Beach, Virginia - 4,984

To learn more about SmartAsset's study of where millennials are moving, and to see the full top 25 list of cities, go to

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